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Ranch Info

The Land

The Columbia Basin Project is one of the most fertile farming areas in the world. With only 7″ of rainfall annually, irrigation is vital to the survival of agriculture in this desert. The combination of Columbia River water, rich soil, dry climate, low elevation, and access to markets results in tremendous diversity of crops raised.

  • High Quality Feed

    The Columbia Basin, full of processing plants and widely known as a top producer of high quality hay, provides the necessary resources to operate the Rathbun fall calving cow herd.

  • Crop Land

    Rathbun Angus harvests 1,800 cares of Alfalfa Hay, Timothy Hay, and Corn Silage. The best hay is sold into the dairy and export markets. Any offgrade hay is fed in the cow and developing bull and heifer rations.

  • Irrigated Grass

    The irrigated grass pasture consists of 300 acres of Orchard, Tall Fescue, Ryegrass, and Clover blend. These pastures, irrigated under large circles, are cross-fenced and intensively grazed. During the summer months, with the aid of fertilization and long days, the pasture can support up to 2.5 head/acre.

  • Native Desert

    When left in it’s original state, the land is barren. Only sagebrush and hardy, drought-tolerant grasses are able to survive in this climate. However, with the provision of winter moisture and spring rains, this land produces tremendous spring grazing composed of the following native grasses: June Grass, Cheat Grass, and Bunch Grass.

  • The Facilities

    The Rathbun Angus Program is intensive in it’s management, with aggressive AI, embryo, and bull development programs. Well-designed, efficient facilities are key ingredients in the operation.

  • Bull Development

    Built on a hill, with 1/2 mile between feed and water, it is mandatory that the bulls walk. This develops hard muscled bulls with tough feet and a lot of lung capacity that are ready to work on the wide open range.

  • Marketing

    The sale barn, integrated into the corral system, provides the facility to show and sell the bulls and females. On-the-ranch selling has always been the cornerstone of the Rathbun marketing program.

  • Processing and Breeding

    In the Rathbun Program, handling cattle is a continuous operation. The aid of:
    steel corrals,
    hydralic squeeze / Silencer chutes,
    AI breeding box, and
    a well-stocked Vet room
    allows us to smoothly and efficiently process and breed cattle.

  • Ranch Office

  • Organization and recordkeeping are critical in the operation of registered cattle. A well-equiped office, with connections to the association database, helps Rathbun Angus to maintain accurate herd records.

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