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Ranch History

Corrin Rathbun was raised in Southern Idaho where his parents, Wayne and Mildred, farmed for over 40 years. During hay bucking season each year, Corrin wondered if there might be a better way to make a living! After a few semesters at the University of Idaho and later at Boise College, the lure of more space and freedom won out and Corrin returned to the farm.

Corrin began his own farming operation in the Columbia Basin of Washington in 1967. In the early years he raised mostly potatoes, sugar beets, and wheat, while some years he would winter yearlings on irrigated cropland. In more recent times alfalfa hay has become his crop of choice, and Corrin has focused on over 2,000 acres of high quality dairy hay.

Some of Corrin’s fondest childhood memories are snuggling into a hay stack by the feed rack in the winter and listening to his dad describe the “right kind” of Holstien milk cow. From this early education in animal production, conformation, and profitability, the foundation for the present Rathbun Angus Program was laid.

The Herd

In 1988, the herd of Registered Angus Cattle was started with the purchase of 39 fall calving cows from Lettunich and Sons of Payette, Idaho. That same year, some cows were bought from Thomas Angus Ranch of Baker City, Oregon. The next year another 50 Registered heifers were purchased from Thomas Angus Ranch. With these purchases, the foundation of the Rathbun herd had been laid.

Recognizing that many ranchers must still sell calves at weaning time, the Rathbun Program has kept adequate frame size in their cattle while at the same time demanding better and more efficient performance. Every cow is individually mated each year, based on her production and performance and conformation. The results have been very gratifying to the family and very well accepted among the commercial cattle industry.


In 1997, Greg and Jen rejoined Rathbun Angus and formed a partnership with Corrin. Their youthful enthusiasm was used in the day-to-day management and operations, while Corrin provided experience, oversight, and resources. Together, the combination formed a successful team.

This teamwork, along with careful preparation, made the challenging transition to a new location possible. In 1999, an offer to sell the ranch in Richland led to a search for a new home place. That search ended with the purchase of a new ranch in Moses Lake. With the daunting task of relocating everything from the cattle to the corrals, Greg, Jen, and Corrin joined forces to make the smooth transition. With the completion of an advanced facility, including state-of-the-art working corrals and sale barn, the Moses Lake ranch is the culmination of their ranching ideas and philosophy.


With the transition of location and generations completed the program is carrying on into the future. Greg and Jennifer along with their children, Abby, Tell, and Taggart, live on the ranch in Moses Lake. Corrin, Wayne, and Mildred can still be seen at Angus events across the country and lend advice in breeding and business. The Rathbun Program utilizes all of the technology the industry has to offer and combines that with experience and hard work to create their vision of the future of the beef industry.

Rathbun Angus is well positioned to forge their way into the challenges that lay ahead.

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